First Tribute holders will get awarded an all-access pass to RAXworld when it emerges. What's more, every Tribute comes with 3 additional assets!

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First Tribute holders will get awarded an all-access pass to RAXworld when it emerges. What's more, every Tribute comes with 3 additional assets!

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A sneak peek behind the curtains of the Tribute 

RAX Skate Athletes


Get recognized and rise to the highest level with Tribute – an elite asset which empowers you to create your ultimate world. Unlock exclusive benefits like preferential access, athlete-specific skills upgrades and instant recognition as one of the best in RAXworld.

RAXworld has selected 5 of the most revered and talented Skateboarders to launch our first Tribute Mystery Box release including;

  • Leticia Bufoni
  • Ishod Wair
  • Sky Brown
  • Alex Midler
  • Robert Neal

With this First Edition Tribute asset you’ll be more than just a player. You can become part of an exclusive club with never-to-be released benefits in our community and our metaverse ‘The Arena'. Be at the forefront of RAXworld when it launches with premium access to the exclusive club which enters 'The Arena’ first.

Unlock your special privileges by signing up to win a coveted allowlist spot!

What’s next?

RAXworld is in the making and First Edition Tribute Holders will be the lucky few to enter ‘The Arena’ this year! 


RAXworld’s first collection of Tributes is the most exclusive edition, and the first step to becoming a key member of the RAXworld Community. 

The first drop will include 1,250 Mystery Boxes which will reveal 1 of the 5 skate athlete Tribute Assets.  

The RAXworld community and airdrop holders will be rewarded with the opportunity to earn an allowlist to join the two pre-sales.  

Exclusive VIP winners from the allowlist will be the first to mint the Tribute.
Allowlist winners will be able to mint before the public sale.
The public sale will open at the completion of the two allowlist periods.

Minting times and dates will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Get your Tribute with UMAD

The UMAD token powers your RAXworld experience and will be used in The Arena to purchase assets, experiences and access.

Purchasing with UMAD gives buyers unique privileges and benefits including;

  • 10% Discount on the price of the Tribute
  • Exclusive Access to the “allowlist” tier enabling you priority access to future drops
Get Umad

WHat is Umad

UMAD is the official token and currency of MADworld, including the sport-centric MADsports ecosystem. MADsports is a platform that specializes in digital rights representation and offers personalized and authentic representation to IP owners, athletes and brands in the Web3 realm.

RAXworld, as a strategic MADsports partner, uses UMAD to provide our community with greater privileges, experiences and play-to-earn potential.

How to mint a RAXworld Tribute

The Bucket Auction works by collecting all the market bids from all other bidders to create a ‘clearing price’ which is the highest price at which the total supply can be sold. The Clearing price is updated live as bids are submitted!

Connect your wallet and submit a bid in ETH above the minimum price.

Over the course of the minting period monitor your bid to see if its higher or lower than the clearing price. If its lower you can raise your bid!

Qualifying Bid: If your bid is higher or equal to the clearing price your bid is considered a “qualifying bid”. Note this does not guarantee you will win a tribute at the end of the auction period.

LOSE: If your bid is lower than the clearing price at the end of the auction period, you will be refunded your total bid.

Win: At the end of the auction a successful bid will win a Tribute. Any leftover bid value will be refunded.

Good Luck! Make sure to regularly check the mint page to see if your bid is winning!

Example 1:

If the clearing price is 1 ETH and you make a successful bid of 1.1 ETH you will win 1 Tribute and be refunded 0.1 ETH.

Example 2:

If the Clearing price is 1 ETH and you make a successful bid of 2.4 ETH, you will win 2 Tributes and be refunded 0.4 ETH.

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